Mind Control-Covert Hypnosis Is Just One Form

mind control

Covert Hypnosis is just another form of mind control. When you use covert hypnosis you are manipulating someone’s unconscious thoughts. I recently read an interesting article about this over a thefreelibrary.com.

In the article they talk about how covert hypnosis is using language patterns and tones to manipulate someone to do what you want. This is only partly true.

There are many other techniques of covert hypnosis as mind control. There are hand gestures and the pace at which you speak among many others.

Mind control does not have to be some government conspiracy using torture and sensory deprivation. Mind control can simply be a form of covert hypnosis where you guide someone to do what you want through covert hypnotic suggestions like those mentioned above.

Obviously you want to learn more because you read some or all of this post so check out my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want

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