Mind Control Techniques – An Effective Mind Control Technique to Use

Mind body Techniques19 150x150 Mind Control Techniques   An Effective Mind Control Technique to Use

The key to becoming a master practitioner is to discover a new technique every day and included it in your practice.

Now I will show you a very simple technique that you can use in a variety of ways to make people do what you want. The pattern is really simple to understand and to apply as well.

You have to outline the benefit the person will get from doing what you want. Then you have to show the thing that you want the person to do as the simplest possible solution. You have to let him know that he will get the desired result without any difficulties.

Let me show you an example. You are trying to make your friend go out to a club with you, but he is saying that he is tired. You can say to him, “You can relax and have fun at the same time even if you just sit at the bar.”

This is a very simple example on how to use this one of the mind control techniques. I will show you an even more vivid one. You can say to a person who wants to boost his self confidence, but is introverted, “You can boost your self confidence even if you do not speak to people much.”

Basically with the “even if” you are showing the person that he can get the benefits he wants by doing something that is not so hard and complex. In this way, you hit two birds with one shot.

With this one of mind control techniques you present the benefit. At the same time, you present the action you want the person to do as perfectly suitable for the person.

You can readily use this technique, especially when you know the person you want to persuade well.

Now you know another one of the mind control techniques that you need to learn and master. Keep learning more with my article Mind Control Techniques – Making People Do What You Want.

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