Hypnosis Mind Control – 3 Powerful Hypnosis Mind Control Tips

Hypnosis 150x150 Hypnosis Mind Control   3 Powerful Hypnosis Mind Control Tips

It has all the benefits you can possibly want and only one drawback – you have to learn how to master the art of covert hypnosis.

Thankfully, there are ways in which to avoid this potential drawback. Start with using the tips below.

1) Focus on the person’s uniqueness for building rapport.

Every person is unique and no one wants to be part of the herd. Use this to build rapport with the person you want to hypnotize. This technique works effectively even for people who have low self esteem as they usually find it difficult to fit in society.

Patterns you can use include “I see you have qualities X, Y, Z that make you a unique person/professional/child.” Another useful pattern is, “You are not part of the herd. I can see that.”

2) Use pattern interrupts to keep the attention of the person.

This one of the hypnosis mind control tips is really simple to apply. Whenever you see that the person’s thoughts are getting into the wrong direction or whenever he stops paying attention to what you are saying, you need to use a pattern interrupt.

Just remember that you have to complete the pattern in a way which will allow you to get back on track with the hypnotic process.

3) Make the acceptance of your embedded command the obvious choice.

This is an extremely effective hypnosis mind control technique as it allows you to give valid reasoning to the emotional decision the person has taken to do what you want.

Let’s say that the person wants a solution to his problem with low self esteem.

You can readily say to him, “When you get to work on improving your self confidence, do you want to use a technique that will make you feel even more desperate or a method that has been tested and proven to work and that gives you results instantly?”

Now you know how to apply hypnosis mind control more effectively. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis Mind Control- How to Make People Act the Way You Want.

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