Mindpower of the Mind – Reading Other People’s Minds

Mind Power 150x150 Mindpower of the Mind   Reading Other Peoples Minds

What you probably don’t know is that you can use it to read other people’s mind with the use of some really simple techniques.

Now you may be thinking that mind reading is impossible. It is true that you cannot get into someone’s head and read his thoughts like an open book. However, you can use your mindpower of the mind to read the minds of people intuitively.

Let’s say that a person agrees to do what you want and says, “Alright, I’ll do it” and sighs. It is much different than having someone say, “Alright, I’ll do it” in a high pitched voice and with a smile on his face.

You know that there are two different things because you intuitively understand the so called meta-communication, the messages that we send across with our gestures, facial expressions, voice pitch and so on.

How does this use of the mindpower of the mind all this relate to mind control? You can use mind reading for countering beliefs. As you can change beliefs, you can make anyone believe that doing what you want is the right thing. Then, you will only have to say to him, “Do it.”

Here is a simple mind reading technique that you can use. You have to use phrases like, “you must be thinking” and “I know what you are thinking”. Then you have to mention the actual belief you want to change. The next step is to come up with a valid counter belief.

This technique works well because you actually consider objections before they have been made. In addition, you show understanding which helps for building stronger rapport.

Now you know how to use your mindpower of the mind to be even more persuasive. Keep learning more with my article Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People.

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