Mindcontrol – Using Compliments to Influence People

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It is worth looking at the use of compliments for persuasion, its significance and application.

In hypnotic mindcontrol, compliments are usually used in the beginning of the hypnotic process when the hypnotist is building rapport with his subject. However, you can flatter the person throughout the entire process as well. The important thing is not to make it too obvious and straightforward.

Compliments are effectively used during the trance stage when you make the person enjoy the benefits of doing what you want in his mind. They are particularly useful for influencing a person based on his values and beliefs.

Let me show you an example. You can readily say to your child who does not want to do homework, “Every smart student getting top grades knows he needs to do his homework and submit it on time.”

The fact that you are making a compliment (smart student) and this complex comes with subtle ambiguity will definitely have a superb mindcontrol effect. Additionally, you are showing the benefit (getting top grades) very straightforwardly and notably.

This line will really work if the priority of your child is to get top grades. Alternatively you can replace “smart student getting top grades” with “smart student getting enough time to play with his friends”.

It is a good idea to use compliments in the final stage of mindcontrol as well. Hypnotic suggestions such as, “Every intelligent customer will buy this product”, work like magic. Similarly, you can say, “As an intelligent customer you certainly want to buy this product.”

You can see how these suggestions are covert yet extremely powerful.

Now you know how to apply mindcontrol more effectively with the use of compliments. Keep learning more with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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  1. An interesting piece. Good salesmen use the same techniques to get results.

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