Subconscious Mind Control

subconscious mind control

Use Subconscious To Control Your World

I find so many people want to learn mind control techniques to get people to do what they want. I also find there is very little out there about these kinds of techniques. Most postings are like the one I found over at where they talk about controlling your own subconscious mind.

Now don’t get me wrong here…I agree with the article about controlling our own subconscious and I believer it is a very useful thing to do. I personally use many different techniques to control my own mind to get me what I want in life.

Things from self hypnosis to affirmations to meditation. I use them all. But that doesn’t get people to do what I want.

Now some people might think that using mind control techniques is manipulative and guess what…It sure is but…

Everything we do in communication is manipulative. We are constantly trying to get people to see our point of view. Let’s take the example of getting a raise. Do you say to your boss, I want a raise and then just walk out, hoping and praying you’ll get it? Of course not.

You tell your boss about how hard you work, about all the overtime you’ve put in etc. In other words you are working to persuade him/her to give you a raise. AKA manipulation.

After reading this post you naturally want to learn more about mind control techniques and you should read my article Mind Control-Get People To Do Whatever You Want to learn more

Agree or disagree prove you’re alive and post a comment below…I dare ya

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  1. brijesh agarwal says:

    I totally agree with the given article about controlling the mind,if a person can achieve what is desired than he can do any thing in life very easily..very helpful..truthfully

  2. nataferoz says:

    I am just learn a good and the best mind control method by read the above article. Now i am in great interest to learn more about Mind Control.

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