How to Mind Control – 2 Simple and Effective Mind Control Techniques

You want to know how to mind control. The reality is that there are many techniques which do not require much effort to use and which bring excellent results. Here are two of them.

1) Use position of authority to make your persuasion more effective.

You do not have to speak from a position of authority yourself, even though often this will work perfectly, provided that you have built rapport.

For instance, you may want to say, “If I were you I would do this (the thing you want the person to do), as it worked for me to solve the same issue.”

It is even more effective to give examples of people whose authority on a subject cannot be disputed.

For example, you can say, “Most successful business persons know how to mind control and will agree this is what has made them rich.” Similarly, in ads marketing experts put lines like, “90% of dentists agree this is the best toothpaste on the market.”

You can readily come up with lines like this to influence people to do what you want more effectively.

2) Show alternatives that are less appealing.

Those who know how to mind control can counter literally any objection because they have the right technique for each one. One of the common objection is “Why should I do X, when I can do Y and Z?”

In this case, the best thing you can do is to show the less appealing and less beneficial alternatives. You can readily come up with a number of benefits that X has and Y and Z do not.

The key to using this technique successfully is to come up with benefits and statements that are easily verifiable. For instance, “Boutiques offer more fashionable clothes than department stores.”

Now you know how to mind control using another two powerful techniques. Keep discovering more in my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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