Power Mind – Using Other People’s Fears to Influence Them

Provided that your power mind is strong enough, you will be able to overcome any emotion, including any fear. This is a powerful ability that will help you influence anyone to do what you want.

At the same time, you can readily influence people who do not know how to use their power mind to control themselves and others. You may be thinking that you need to make them feel strong fear, but the reality is that doing exactly the opposite will be more effective for mind control.

Let me explain how this works. Most people share common fears. Usually people are afraid of something bad happening to them, of being rejected and of being not very good looking. You can readily use these fears to your advantage.

You have to show them that if they do what you want, they will no longer be “in danger” of the thing they are afraid of happening to them. For instance, you can tell a person that by using a certain face cream she/he will be better looking and totally attractive.

The key to success is to use your power mind to pass the idea to other people’s mind. Remember that as long as you believe in your skills, you can influence literally anyone to do what you want.

You can also twist things around to give people not only motivation, but confidence to do what you want. Let’s say that you want a coworker of yours to make a presentation instead of you, but he is afraid of public speaking.

What you have to do is influence his power mind to make him overcome this fear. One simple tactic is to make him imagine a situation in which he has felt extremely confident. Then you have to relate it to the presentation. You can do this effectively by asking questions as well as by making descriptions.

Now you know how to use your power mind more effectively. Keep learning more in my article Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People.

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