Mind Control Techniques – Using Visual Anchors

There are many mind control techniques that you need to learn and master. It is important not only to touch briefly on each technique, but to understand it fully and use all of its forms in all types of situations.

Anchoring is one of the most popular mind control techniques because it is relatively simple to understand and has a variety of applications. Anchors are stimuli that elicit certain emotions and mind states in people. These can be kinesthetic, audible or visual.

Now I will focus on the use of visual anchors. They are particularly powerful because most people relay heavily on visualization during the thinking process.

One important thing to understand about visual anchors is that they do not have to be material. Basically, it does not matter whether you show a picture of a pristine lake to a person or he sees it in his mind. It is still a stimulus that elicits calmness and relaxation.

In general, in mind control, the mind pictures are easier to use as well as much more powerful. That is why you need to stick to using them. Still, if you find a suitable anchor that is material this does not mean that you should not use it.

It is important for you to learn how to influence the imagination effectively to produce the visual anchors you need.

Sometime it is just sufficient to use trance phrases, such as “imagine” and “what if”, in a simple sentence. In other cases, you will need to make more detailed and complex descriptions of the visual anchors.

You can readily use pace and lead mind control techniques to make anchoring more powerful. You can pace when describing the anchor and then you can lead making the hypnotic suggestion.

For instance, “You are sitting on the shore of a clam blue lake and you can see the pristine background. You feel perfectly calm and relaxed.”

Now you know how to use anchoring mind control techniques more effectively. Keep learning more with my article Mind Control Techniques – Making People Do What You Want.

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