How to Use Mind Control – Framing and Reframing

mind control brain implant 11 How to Use Mind Control   Framing and Reframing If you want to know how to use mind control, you need to keep learning and practicing. This is a process that will take you from a novice to a master practitioner.

Now you can learn about framing and reframing. These are powerful techniques that you can use to gain self confidence and determination as well as to influence others to do what you want.

The frames are patterns that exist in out minds and that we follow. For instance, you know that in the morning you need to get out of bed and wash your teeth. This is a learned pattern that you use. However, you can set frames in your mind and in the minds of others.

You just need to know how to use mind control. What you have to do is set a frame in the other person’s mind using your persuasion skills. You have to show the action and more importantly the desired outcome.

Provided that you manage to map the frame into the person’s mind, he will readily do what you want.

Reframing is the exact opposite of framing, but it produces the exact same results. You need to use it when the person you want to influence has the wrong mind set about doing what you want. For instance, the person does not feel confident enough to do what you want.

Your task is to change that pattern in his mind and make him feel confident. Those who know how to use mind control use a range of techniques for reframing. You can try influencing the person’s imagination just like you do with framing. You have to make him experience the outcome and its benefits.

You can use other techniques, such as anchoring and focus shifting as well.

Now you know how to use mind control and framing and reframing effectively. Keep learning more with my article How To Use Mind Control To Get What You Want.

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