Mindpower of the Mind – Understanding and Using Perception

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The important thing is that you can use this tool to make others do what you want even without exploiting its full potential.

Perception is just one of the functions of the mindpower of the mind. The reality for us is the way we choose to perceive the world around us, the things happening to us and the people that we live with. That is why perception is so important for those who want to exercise mind control.

Your task during the rapport building process is to learn as much about the person’s perception as possible. You should be able to indentify which sense the person relies on as a leading one.

Most people use more heavily visual perception. You can determine this, if the person uses phrases such as, “It’s clear” and “I see.” In turn, you can use similar phrases that promote visualization for building rapport and for getting the person into trance.

You can learn a lot more about the way the person sees the world from his words. Usually, jargon, metaphors and comparisons give you a more detailed picture of how the mindpower of the mind of this person works.

For instance, a lot of business persons see their company as a child that they care for and bring up. They may not say this straight away, but you can notice it form words such as “nurture” instead of “grow”.

Provided that you can use the same language style and tone as the other person uses, you will definitely be able to build rapport extremely effectively. During the trance stage, when you are influencing the person strongly, you can readily use these power words to make your commands more influential.

Now you know how to exploit the mindpower of the mind in yet another effective way. Keep discovering more with my article Power Mind-Doing Mind Mapping.

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