Mindcontrol – 3 Mindcontrol Mistakes to Avoid

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This is normal, if you are a newbie. The best way to become more influential is to keep learning all the time.

Learn how to avoid some of the main mindcontrol mistakes that novices make now.

1) Not paying attention to and not using meta communication is a serious mistake.

People communicate not only with words. You have to be able to understand what the other person is trying to tell you by studying and analyzing his gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice. You need to do this during a conversation.

It is equally important to use mirror imaging as a form of meta communication. This will allow you to build rapport effectively. It is also a good idea to use meta communication to show the person how you feel if he does not accept your influence. It can produce very good results.

2) Not eliciting the appropriate mindset for influence is also a major mistake.

You cannot exercise mindcontrol effectively when the person you want to influence is focused on something else, such as his anger. You have to be able to play with his emotions effectively. Get him to listen by making him feel more relaxed first.

Then you should link positive emotions to the thing that you want the person to do. You can use a variety of mindcontrol tools to do this, including metaphors and anchors.

3) Using patter interrupts that you cannot complete is something you should definitely avoid.

In mindcontrol, patter interrupts are not merely used for getting a person into trance. They allow you to make an influential embedded command that will force the person do what you want.

That is why you should choose them wisely. You should always know how you will complete the pattern interrupt you use.

Now you know how to exercise mindcontrol without making serious mistakes. Keep learning more with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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