How to Mind Control – How to Make Embedded Commands More Effective

mind control brain implant How to Mind Control   How to Make Embedded Commands More Effective This form of influence is more subtle and more effective than common manipulation.

However, as you may guess, since the method is more effective, it is a bit more difficult to apply. Most novice practitioners think that making embedded commands is the easiest part of the hypnotic process and this is true, but it is still not as simple as some people would like it to be.

Those who know how to mind control use simple and straightforward embedded commands.

For instance, instead of saying using “Do the task for the preparation of the annual report” you can readily use “do the task.”

The person is fully aware of the task you are referring to before you get to make your embedded command. Hence, any additional words will just ruin the effect and add confusion.

The next thing to consider is how effectively you embed the commands. Saying “Do the task” straight away may not produce the desired result. You have to use sneakier ways to make the person do what you want.

For instance, “How long will it take you to do the task and get to go home to your family?” This question is extremely effective for three reasons.

Firstly, you have the embedded command present. Additionally, you have managed to slip the direct benefit from doing the task (going home). Thirdly, you have presupposed that the person will do the task, since you are asking him how long it will take him to complete it.

This is a great pattern that those who know how to do mind control use. Just remember that it is effective only when you have built rapport with the person.

Now you know how to mind control using embedded commands. Keep learning more with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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