Hypnotic Mind Control – Hypnotic Scripts and Patterns and Their Differences

hypnosis mind control 1 150x150 Hypnotic Mind Control   Hypnotic Scripts and Patterns and Their Differences

Hypnotic Mind Control

That is why people use learning aids, especially in the beginning. Some of the most popular ones are the hypnotic scripts and patterns.

What are these and how should you use them? Some people think that scripts and patterns are the same things, but they are actually not. In fact, there is a great difference between them.

Scripts are readymade templates, which are quite detailed. They give you exact directions on what to do. For instance, you may be told to mirror a gesture for ten seconds to build rapport.

Then you are told what to say precisely while adding the conversation specifics. For example, you have to say to a prospect customer, “You think the price of product X is too high, but this is because I have not clarified to you benefits Y and Z.”

The hypnotic mind control patterns, on the other hand, are models that you can follow. You are not told what to say exactly. You are just given basic directions, such as, “use an anchor to get the person into a relaxed state of mind.”

It is perfectly natural for you to start with scripts in the beginning, but it is best not to use ones that are done by someone else. You can prepare scripts on your own. This will help you learn more effectively. More importantly, the scripts will be more effective, as you know the situation and/or person best.

In general, the hypnotic mind control patterns are more effective to use than scripts because they allow you to be flexible and creative and, in turn, more influential. Again, you may use ready patterns in the beginning, but you can start devising your own ones with time.

Now you can use hypnotic mind control scripts and patterns more effectively. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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