Mind Control – Getting a Person from One Emotional State to Another

mind power 3 150x150 Mind Control   Getting a Person from One Emotional State to Another

Mind Control

This is not entirely true.

Sometimes, you can go to a person and apply all techniques by the book to get a result immediately. In other cases, you will need to work with the person for some time to make him do what you want. Usually, the people who are preoccupied with a certain strong emotion are herder to influence.

You will not be able to make a person who is emotionally disturbed do what you want easily. You have to get him in a relaxed state first, so that you can initiate the induction and get him into an altered state of mind, formally called trance.

The best way to make the person feel the way you want is to use hypnotic mind control. You can select from a variety of techniques from using presuppositions to pacing and leading. You can also work to elicit a relaxing state with the use of a specific anchor. You can also bring back a calming and happy memory.

Pattern interrupts may not be the best choice in this case as they are intended to create confusion and this may not be of help to you.

Generally, you can use any of the popular techniques for mind control to get the person into the right state for influencing, apart from pattern interrupts. Just remember that you need to be patient and persistent.

For instance, you may want to use more than two statements to pace before you lead the person into the emotional state that you want. Similarly, you may have to use a number of presuppositions and repeat the embedded command a number of times before the person starts feeling as you want him to.

You have just learned how to prepare a person for mind control. Keep learning more with my article Mind Control- Using It In Sales and for Your Overall Well-being.

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