How to Use Mind Control – 2 Powerful Mind Control Tips

images 150x150 How to Use Mind Control   2 Powerful Mind Control Tips

You, on the other hand, are determined to learn how to influence others to make them do what you want. For this reason, you will definitely find the advice below useful.

Focus on building rapport rather than on persuasion.

Believe it or not, sometimes people do what you want just because they like you. They realize they cannot reap great benefits for themselves from doing what you want, but they are still willing to do it to keep your friendship, company or respect.

That is why you really have to work on building rapport. It is true that often mirror imaging is sufficient, but in some cases you really have to work harder to establish a fruitful relationship with the individual.

Do not hesitate to use all available tools, such as story telling and secret sharing. Allow some time for building rapport, if you have to. It may take half an hour rather than two minutes, for instance.

Never act emotionally.

Those who know how to use mind control know how to adopt a pattern called the iron man. Basically, you should do your best not to act on your emotions. In fact, you need to learn how to ignore and then how not to experience these.

Simply put, you need to have the power to decide which emotions to let through and which to keep outside. When you are applying mind control to a person, you should never let him produce emotions in you and act upon them.

It will take some effort to accomplish this, but it will help you learn how to use mind control effectively.

You have just learned how to use mind control better. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article How To Use Mind Control To Get What You Want.

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