Hypnosis Mind Control – How to Hypnotize Without the Other Person Noticing

hypnosis mind control 150x150 Hypnosis Mind Control   How to Hypnotize Without the Other Person Noticing

However, as a novice, you may find it difficult to apply all hypnotic techniques and patterns by the book without hinting that you are doing something else along with chatting.

That is why you may want to rely on some practical advice that will help you act naturally and still use different hypnosis mind control techniques for influencing someone to do what you want.

Mirror the other person’s gestures slowly. Let’s say that the person is tapping with his fingers on the table. Acknowledge this and let him keep speaking.

Next time it is your turn to reply, simply nod and pay with your fingers on the table slowly, as if you are still thinking about your answer. This will make your mirror imaging more natural. Generally, it is a good idea to use the same gestures in the same context.

Sometimes, you need cannot come up with hypnotic patterns as fast as you would like. Instead of getting anxious about this, you can readily take some time to think. You can say, “Give me a sec to think about this” or “Oh, I just remembered something important. We’ll get back to our conversation is a sec.”

Despite the common misconception, hypnotic mind control is not about using a ready script that you apply to a person to influence him. It is about finding the right words and phrases for persuasion. That is why it is perfectly normal for a hypnotist to speak slowly and to make his speech flat.

This is something that works for you rather than against you. As you speak in this way the whole time the person will be unable to notice the embedded command with his critical mind. He will recognize it only subconsciously.

Now you know how to use hypnosis mind control without being caught in the act. Keep discovering more in may article Hypnosis Mind Control- How to Make People Act the Way You Want.

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