Power Mind-How To Work With The Subconscious

It’s rare that I find a really good posting on the internet. While some are worth posting about for their lack of knowledge other rare finds are worth posting about for their use of these skills. www.georgehutton.net has a posting that fits the later.

The power mind is a way of taping into the subconscious to get it to do what we want. Whether it is our own subconscious mind or the subconscious mind of others.

In his post he uses pacing quite well to slip you into trance. you should check out his use it is done pretty well. These are the exact same techniques you can use on not only yourself but on other people to get them to do what you want.

Pacing is a very powerful way to target someones subconscious by keeping their conscious mind busy with thing that are true but outside of awareness.

When we do that it causes a slight or sometimes even a profound trance state that allows us to use the power mind to manipulate another person.

Check out my article Power Mind-Unlocking its Mysteries for Your Benefit to learn even more.

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Pwoer Mind
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  1. Nesha_Aetos says:

    I have just started to explore the topic power of your subconscious mind, of coarse I like what I am studying so far, but the part of getting people to do what you want them to do through Mind Control is nothing short of mind manipulation, which is scary and and unethical.

    • Marc The Mind Control Guy says:

      Keep in mind that all communication is manipulation. If you want to get someone to do you a favor do you put it in the best light possible? If you’ve done a favor for them in the past, do you bring that up? Of course , we all do. Let me put it another way. If you have a hammer and you build a house for the homeless you’re a saint. If you use that same hammer to bash someones head in you’re a monster. Same hammer either way. The hammer is a tool you determine how it’s used.

      Same for manipulation and mind control. It is a tool, how you use it is what determines it’s ethical use.

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