Learn Mind Control – Why You Need to Learn to Ask Questions

When you learn mind control, you will discover that the best way to make others do what you want is to communicate to them on subconscious level. At this point, you will be able to do this naturally, without setting yourself tasks to use the different mind control techniques.

For the time being, however, you need to learn mind control technique by technique and practice each one as much as you can. Asking questions is not a technique on its own, but it is fundamental for a number of techniques that you can use to influence people.

The right question can be the perfect pattern interrupt. Let’s say that you need a favor from a friend. You go right up to him and ask him, “How can you help me?”

This will bring confusion in him. He will most likely start thinking about doing different favors to you. Then, you can readily tell him, “Help me get something done, so that you and I can go out and have fun afterwards.”

You see how important it is to ask the right question to create a pattern interrupt. It has to be puzzling as well as logically connected to the embedded command, which in this case is “help me.”

Questions can be powerful embedded commands as well. However, they are used subtly masked as statements. As you learn mind control, you will discover that these are as effective as straight forward subliminal suggestions.

For instance, “I’m wondering whether you feel relaxed.” Similarly you can use something like, “I’d like to know whether you are ready to do this.”

Remember that in order to make questions and question phrases more powerful and influential, you need to use the right tone of voice.

Now you know how important asking questions is if you want to learn mind control and practice it. Continue learning more with my article Learn Mind Control- Get Things Done Your Way.

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