Subconscious Mind – Do You Have the Right Mindset for Mind Control?

Those who know how to control the minds of others have control over their subconscious mind as well. When you want to influence someone, you have to be prepared not to be influenced by them. You have to be ready to set a mindset and base your actions on it.

Practitioners call getting this mindset getting into state. This is a state of the subconscious mind, in which you will be able to exercise mind control fully and powerfully.

What is this state like? The reality is that this state can consist of as many elements as you like. Each one can have a different magnitude. The important thing is foe each of the elements to help you achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

This may sound a little vague, so I will use an example to explain it. Let’s say you are a salesperson preparing to make a sale. Just ask yourself what the perfect salesperson has to be like.

You need to have absolute confidence in yourself, your skills and your product. You have to be curious as well. Otherwise, you will not be able to get to the bottom of the prospect customer’s subconscious mind. You need to be persistent and even a little bit overpowering.

As you can see, there are at least four elements you need in your state in order to be able to exercise mind control on a prospect customer. You decide which one is going to be leading.

For instance, if you have discovered that you are personally affected by objections, then you may want to focus on having more confidence.

Use the state you have set in the best way possible. Let is be leading in all situations.

You have just learned how to get your subconscious mind in the right state for influencing people. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Subconscious Mind – How to Influence It.

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    Thanks for a great post. very informative. I totally agree with you, having is the right mindset is most important of all. I Have already shared this post with a few of my friends and they loved it.

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