How to Mind Control – 2 Powerful Mind Control Tricks

Those who know how to mind control have all sorts of tricks to use to be extremely influential in any social situation.Some of these you can learn while others you will be able to use fully, once you have experienced in practicing this art of persuasion.

I have come up with some simple, but very effective tricks that you can use to influence any person. If you want to learn how to mind control and apply it effectively, you should definitely take advantage of as many such techniques as possible.

1) Mirror gestures and facial expressions for a short period of time.

A conversation is dynamic and it will look weird to have a certain facial expression for a long period of time. Similarly, if you keep supporting your chin with your hands for as long as the other person does, you will seem suspicious.

That is why it is best to mirror gestures and facial expressions for a short period of time. For instance, you can touch your left cheek and then make another gesture such as putting your palms together instead of keeping your finger on your cheek like the other person does.

You may want to use swift movements to avoid any suspicion.

Complete a pattern interrupt with an embedded command.

Those who know how to mind control love to use this little, but effective trick. The key to success is to use simple pattern interrupts with simple embedded commands.

For instance, if a person asks you how you are, you can readily use a pattern interrupt, such as laughing loudly or saying “damn” as if you have just remembered something. Then, you can readily smile at the person and slip your command, such as “feeling great today.”

The person will certainly feel better.

Now you know how to mind control better. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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