Mind Control – The Different Approaches for Getting a Person into Trance

You may want to use manipulative mind control, but eventually people will realize what you are doing and start avoiding you. This will be a total rather than just a partial failure. That is why using covert hypnosis is the much better option.

In order to apply this type of mind control effectively, you have to get the person into a state of trance. This is a state of greater conscious awareness, in which perception rather than reality is leading.

The traditional approach of getting a person into a state of trance is to use the so called trance phrases. You can opt for the simplest one, “imagine”, or use more complex ones, like “what if you were to” and “see yourself”.

This method requires the person to be mentally relaxed, at least to an extent. As a hypnotist, you need to come up with an effective description of what the person has to imagine.

You have to explain the action and the emption the person has to experience in his mind. Sometimes describing the setting helps immensely as well.

Pattern interrupts are the total opposite of the traditional methods for getting someone into trance. They are based on the confusion you create by making a strange gesture, asking something weird or making a peculiar statement.

The person is totally focused on accepting what you say, as the new pattern you have set needs to be completed in his mind.

These two mind control techniques are very different in their nature, even though they lead to one and the same thing. You need to practice their use and expand your understanding of people in order to select the best technique in every different situation.

Now you know how to get a person into trance to apply mind control. Keep expanding your knowledge. Start with my article Mind Control- Using It In Sales and for Your Overall Well-being.

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