Hypnosis Mind Control – Can You Become an Iron Man?

If you are interested in hypnosis mind control, you may have heard of the iron man pattern. This is technique is used by hypnotists on themselves and not on others. It allows you to find the inner strength to put a person’s mind under your control.

The iron man is someone who has high self confidence. More importantly, this person uses his power mind to stay emotionally unaffected by the involuntary (or voluntary) influence the subject exercises on him. In turn, his actions are not dictated by his emotional state.

This sounds hard to achieve and it is. If you have tried to apply hypnosis mind control on someone, you will know what I am talking about.

The question is what you can do to become an iron man. As a start, you have to redefine the way you interact with other people. It is in human nature to be affected by what other people say and do, especially in response to what you have said and done.

As a hypnotist, you have to concentrate on your subject only to apply hypnosis mind control effectively. Think of the things he says or does as bouncing from you and directly going back to him.

This does not mean not to pay attention to what the other person says, even though some time ignoring his objections can be helpful. It is best to use the things the person says to make him do what you want.

If you find it difficult not to be emotional about things the person says, you can readily use another technique – putting your emotions to the side. You can accept the emotional trigger and decide to act upon it later on.

Now you know how to be an iron man in order to do well in hypnosis mind control. Keep expanding your knowledge to become a master practitioner. Start with my article Hypnosis Mind Control- How to Make People Act the Way You Want.

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