Mindcontrol – 2 Tips for Applying Mindcontrol in Sales

One of the most widely used applications of mindcontrol is in sales. There are different methods that you can use, such as NLP and covert hypnosis. Both of these are equally effective.

I have come up with some advice that will help you use these mindcontrol methods in sales more effectively. The following techniques have been tested and proven to work.

Exploit the emotions of prospect customers.

People take decisions irrationally, despite the common misconception. We base our decisions on internal drives, such as values, beliefs, desires and emotions. You can sell literally anything as long as you can make it trigger deep and powerful emotions in the prospect.

You can use different mindcontrol techniques to persuade a person that using a product will bring him higher satisfaction, relaxation or happiness. Anchoring is an extremely effective technique for playing with emotions. You can also use simple comparison.

The key to success is to use these techniques, when the person is in a state of trance. This will make them even more powerful. The simplest way to get someone into trance is to use pattern interrupts.

Bypass objections using reframing.

This is a really simple method that has a variety of applications. All you have to do is set the issue the prospect is pointing out in a different context.

Usually, most prospect customers are complaining about the price. You can readily bypass this objection with a line like, “The issue here is not the price, but the investment you will make in the product and how exactly it will pay off.”

You are automatically making the prospect think about investing and getting benefits. This gives you the opportunity to focus on presenting the product’s benefit, using other mindcontrol techniques that work effectively.

Now you know how to use mindcontrol more effectively to close more sales. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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