Subconscious Mind – 2 Ways to Change Beliefs

subconscious mind 150x150 Subconscious Mind   2 Ways to Change Beliefs

Indeed, we often act based on emotions, desires and beliefs.

Why are these things important for mind control? Since a person acts on his beliefs, changing his beliefs will allow him to act differently.

If you are an experienced mind control practitioner, you will be able to influence the subconscious mind to change the beliefs of the person in the way you like. In turn, he will act the way you like.

I will now give you a brief overview of the two main methods for changing beliefs used in mind control.

Challenge the Belief

One of the most effective ways to change a belief is to challenge it. You can readily do this by asking questions. To get to the bottom of things, you can readily use the line, “Why is this important to you?”

As the person keeps explaining, you will get deeper and deeper into his subconscious mind. In turn, you will discover the different problems and challenge them. By countering the beliefs, you will be able to replace them with new ones.


This is a widely used trick for mind control. It works instantly on every person in literally every situation.

Instead of asking the person why something is important for him, you can readily place the importance on something else, so that the importance of the initial belief is diminished. In this way, you re-frame the actual belief and change the perspective of the person.

For instance, you can say to a person, “It is not important that you cannot change beliefs. The important thing is that you have not learned how to do it.” Now the person can focus on learning, instead of his lack of ability to change beliefs.

Now you know how to exploit the subconscious mind effectively to your advantage. Keep learning more with my article Subconscious Mind – How to Influence It.

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