How to Mind Control – 2 Effective Methods

subconscious mind control 150x150 How to Mind Control   2 Effective Methods

Any technique can be modified to suit the practitioner’s need in literally every situation.

Since you are still not experienced, I will show you two creative ways for using standard mind control techniques. Then, you can readily elaborate on them.

Present the thing you want the person to do as something he has already done.

Those who know how to mind control know how important it is to make the subject visualize the beneficial outcomes of the thing you want him to do. The problem is that sometimes the objection against the action itself is more powerful than the desire to get the outcomes.

In this case, the most effective thing to do is to just bypass the action itself and consider it done. For instance, “After having done (something), you will feel relaxed and happy.”

What you are doing here is shifting the attention from the action entirely to the benefits.

Use loops to present the benefits of this past action.

The loops are among the main techniques practitioners use. If you want to learn how to mind control effectively, you have to focus on mastering their use.

Your task is to build further on the benefits that you have already stated. The simplest techniques is to use the well known “and then”. If you say it powerfully enough to produce a dramatic effect, you will create a loop that you can use effectively for influencing.

You can also use other effective methods for story telling. Just try not to get carried away.

Now you know how to mind control more effectively. Keep expanding your knowledge to become a more successful practitioner. Continue with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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