Power Mind – 2 Tips for Controlling It More Effectively

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In order to be able to control this power in others, you need to learn to control yourself.

What I am trying to say here is that you have to have a total self control in order to make anyone do what you want, irrespective of the social situation and your relationship with the person.

I have come up with some advice that will help you influence the power mind more effectively.

Do not focus on the outcome, but on the person you are influencing.

A lot of novice practitioners make the mistake of trying to influence someone about something that is really important for them. In this way, since you don’t have enough practice, you focus on the outcome rather than on the person who will literally give it to you.

What you have to do instead is have a ready plan for every stage of the mind control process. Take the person’s mind step by step to the outcome you want. Take into account his character when building rapport and when reaching the subconscious mind.

Do not forget that the best way to influence a person is to use his own emotions, desires, beliefs and values.

Turn the use of mind control techniques into a habit.

It is normal to be nervous, when you want to exercise mind control. However, if you make it something as natural as saying “hello” to a person you know, this will help you influence literally anyone.

Habits are formed with time and practice. They do not come naturally. Just remind yourself to use at least one technique in every conversation. It might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but it will start feeling natural after a while.

Now you know how to influence the power mind more effectively. Read on to learn more. Continue with my article Power Mind-Doing Mind Mapping.

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