Hypnosis Mind Control – How It Is Better than Common Manipulation

hypnosis induction 150x150 Hypnosis Mind Control   How It Is Better than Common Manipulation

Hypnosis mind control is a scientific technique for influencing people based on the knowledge of human psychology. This is just one of the main advantages it has over common manipulation. It is worth looking at its other benefits also.

Let’s take a look at the differences in the two processes for influencing people. When you use manipulation, you are highly likely to make the person you are influencing upset, worried or even angry with you in the end.

This can jeopardize the overall effect from using this method. Furthermore, you may never have the opportunity to apply it again, as the person you tried it on is likely not to want to have anything with you anymore.

How is hypnosis mind control better? One of the things that make it better and, in fact, almost perfect, is that it is covert. You are applying covert hypnosis during a conversation.

Techniques, such as rapport building and pattern interrupts, allow you to bond with the person as well as to get him in the right state of mind without him knowing. Then you can readily use the imagination of the person to influence him.

When he imagines doing what you want and enjoying the benefits form this, the person will accept that your influence is coming from his own subconscious mind. This is the beauty of this method.

Apart from being covert, this hypnosis mind control is extremely powerful, unlike manipulation, which you can break away from at one point. With the use of his imagination the person creates a different reality in his mind that is always better than the actual one.

In turn, he feels an urge to be in this reality not only in his mind. Hence, he will do anything to achieve this.

Now you know why hypnosis mind control is better and more powerful. Use this knowledge and keep learning to become a master of hypnosis. Begin with my article Hypnosis Mind Control-Discovering the Deepest Secrets.

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  1. Yes, I think hypnosis is the way forward when it comes to weight loss. There’s already SO MUCH information about dieting and exercising, but despite all of this people are still getting bigger! We know exactly what we need to do (more exercise and eat the right foods), but we can’t get our selves to take consistent action. This is because of a mental barrier formed by our need to have to be consistent with our image of ourselves.

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