Mindcontrol – Reframing as a Super Powerful Tool

There are numerous mindcontrol techniques that you can apply to a person to make him do what you want. The key to success is to be able to manipulate the circumstances, the person’s beliefs and value to your advantage.

Reframing is one of the widely used techniques in mindcontrol. In its essence, it is all about making the person you want to influence see things from a different point of view.

Generally, a master manipulator can convince you that doing something bad to someone will actually be good for him. Of course, no ethical person would really do this. I’m just trying to illustrate the power of reframing.

There are different ways, in which you can change way a person feels and thinks about doing what you want. One of them is to use covert hypnosis. You can readily apply the standard method using pacing and leading.

Another effective mindcontrol approach is to make the person reframe his own belief by asking him questions. Your first task is to diminish the importance of the original belief. Then, you can readily ask him questions to make him reach and adopt a new belief.

I’ll illustrate this mindcontrol technique with an example. Let’s say that you are trying to make a coworker of yours stay after work hours to help you with a project, but he does not want to because he wants to be with his kids.

You can readily ask the person how important it is for him to be with his kids this exact evening. You can then ask whether it would not be better for him to spend the whole weekend with them rather than risking to be asked by your boss to work on Saturday or Sunday.

Now you know how to use reframing for mindcontrol effectively. Keep learning more to become a master manipulator. Start with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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