Mind Control Techniques-Science Fiction or Reality?

When you think of mind control, if you’re like many people you think of government brainwashing experiments or maybe even the movie “Inception”.

subliminal mind control techniques

While there is no doubt the government has been researching mind control like MK Ultra these mind control techniques are not realistic for people like us to use in everyday life. When we want to use mind control on the people around us we need something a bit more covert.

A powerful mind control technique is the use of embedded commands. What is an embedded command? let me give you an example.

When an advertiser wants you to buy something they run an advertisement. My idea of a good advertisement is when they put something in program that you’re watching.

If you noticed the bold words they spell out buy my program. So within the sentence I mark out the words in bold to buy my program. You can also do this tonally. You would mark of the words buy my program with a lower tone or a higher tone etc.

This is also known as marking off your commands. You can learn even more about these and other mind control techniques from my article Mind Control Techniques-How to Easily Become A Master Of Influence

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