How to Mind Control – 2 Tips for Controlling the Mind

mind control brain implant How to Mind Control   2 Tips for Controlling the Mind

That is why it is never the wrong time to take some piece of advice from practitioners who have been practicing mind control for years.

Use pattern interrupts as many times as necessary.

Most beginners, who have just learned how to mind control, feel that one patter interrupt is sufficient to keep the attention of the person you want to influence for a relatively long time. This is not the case. A patter interrupt can get someone into trance for a specific period of time, depending on how powerful it is.

You have to use this time effectively to make your subliminal suggestions. If you cannot, all you have to do is use another pattern interrupt. It is best for it to be different from the previous one. It is also best for it to be more powerful than the previous one.

Use different types of anchors at the same time.

Those who know how to mind control are capable of combining different techniques effectively to make them times more powerful. You might not know this, but there are kinesthetic as well as visual and auditory anchors.

This means that you can use the person’s imagination to get him into the right mood as well as to give him an anchor to see and/or to hear.

Let’s say that you are trying to make a person imagine a happy moment in his childhood. You can readily give him or show him a pinwheel at the same time. Similarly, if you want a girl to go out with you, you can make her imagine a romantic moment and whisper to her.

Now you know how to mind control more effectively. Keep learning more. Continue with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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