Hypnotic Mind Control – Past Pacing and Future Leading

Hypnotic mind control is based on conversational hypnosis. This means that you can apply any hypnotic technique effectively to make anyone do what you want. One of the secrets to success is to know when to apply each technique and to whom.

Past pacing and future leading is one of the popular hypnotic mind control techniques for influencing someone though hypnosis. It is just like pacing and leading, but you have to use the past to set the subject’s mind in the right direction.

The basic pace and lead consists of a number of true statements and a final one that you want the subject to accept as true. The problem is that it is difficult to find appropriate true statements that the subject will automatically agree with.

That is why you can readily turn to the past. There can be litter doubt over whether something has happened or not. Hence, you can use this to your advantage.

I will illustrate my point with an example. Let’s say that you are trying to make your coworker work until late with you. You can readily set a pace by saying, “You worked hard on this last project and it brought you one step closer to promotion.”

Then you can readily use this past pace to make the future lead. You can readily say, “Just imagine what results you will get from working more on this present project. You can get promoted and earn all the benefits form this.”

This technique works excellently for hypnotic mind control. It can be applied to any social situation and it will produce the desired results. Just make sure that you link the pace and lead logically.

You have just learned how to do hypnotic mind control more effectively. Never stop expanding your knowledge to become a master of influence. Continue reading with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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